This Season at the Guild

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - April 5th- April 21st 2018

Six quirky adolescents compete in a Spelling Bee run by three equally quirky grown-ups.  The high stakes drama of a small town spelling bee provides the backdrop for these lovable teenagers personality’s and their trials and tribulations.

Incorporating real audience members this hilarious musical is part improv, part wacky musical spelling bee.


Hand to God - January 25th- February 10th 2018

Margery runs the puppet club in the basement of the local church.  A rag-tag group of teenagers meet weekly to express themselves through puppetry and learn to avoid the devil at all costs.  With their big production coming up things take a twisted turn when one student creates a hand puppet that is possessed with a delightfully dark personality of its own.

Fundamentalist Christian values meet evil puppets in this ridiculously funny black comedy.


Good People - November 30th- December 16th 2017

Welcome to Southie, a Boston neighborhood where a night on the town means a few rounds of bingo, where this month’s paycheck covers last month’s bills, and where Margie Walsh has just been let go from yet another job. Facing eviction and scrambling to catch a break, Margie thinks an old fling who has made it out of Southie might be her ticket to a fresh new start.